Security in Islam - its Components, Importance, and Threats -

  • Abdul Majeed bin Saleh Al-Mansour Department of Forensic Sciences, King Fahd Security College, Saudi Arabia .


The importance of this topic for society is to take into account its components, and warn of its threats, and its importance to the security man who contributes primarily to the establishment and application of security, and being a role model for society, and may be a valid building block in its realization.  This research was authored and called (Security in Islam - Its Importance, Constituents and Threats).That is the goal of all societies and countries to have security and safety, and to live in peace, and the religion of Islam confirms the importance of this goal after correcting its concept, defining its components, and stating its threats so that the rosary does not break, and this blessing disappears from Muslims. Our true religion guides every Muslim to be Keen to achieve security, and ordered him to possess qualities that contribute to achieving security.

Oct 20, 2021
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