Peaceful Adaptation Coexistence and between Islam and other Religions

  • . Najlaa Kareem Mahdi College of Tourism Sciences/ Karbala University, Iraq.
  • Baydaa Mohammed Abd College of Education for Human Sciences/ Karbala University, Iraq.


The topic of peaceful coexistence between religions and since ancient times has been of great importance in the growth and development of civilizations. Islamic religion has dealt with all races on the basis of the principle of honesty, love and tolerance away from superiority and arrogance. As Islam brought the Jews out of the persecution phase that had long held them, as well as the Muslims' respect for the Christian religion, as it guaranteed them their freedom Religious Since the beginning of the Islamic conquests, the evidence for that is the existence of many churches throughout the Islamic countries. Muslims have demonstrated a gentle and civilized behavior in dealing with these religions, and as a result, some of them embraced the Islamic religion, which adopted faithfulness as a criterion for differentiation between human beings.

   It is worth noting that the need has become urgent in our present time to spread the principle of peaceful coexistence between religions as a result of the oppression and violation of human and human rights in societies. The Islamic religion has become, as is evident, a tolerant religion that rejects extremism in all its forms in order to ensure that all members of society live in an atmosphere of Love and intimacy.

Jul 3, 2022
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