The Impact of Dialectical Studies on the Description of the Morphological Structures

  • Ahmed Abdel-Sattar Kamel The Great Imam University College / Department of Arabic Language - Samarra, Iraq .




         Dialect constitutes an ecosystem in all languages that is by nature part of a broader and comprehensive environment that includes several dialects, each of which has its own distinct characteristics, and all of them are linked by a group of linguistic phenomena that facilitate the communication of members of these environments with each other and the understanding of what may take place from speech. It  is the term Its name ((language)) is the relationship between language and dialect is the relationship between the general and the specific, as it has been proven, and in light of the above, the research has dealt with an original scientific view of issues presented in the course of the research, including:

The view of Arab scholars to different forms of dialects.

 we can say that the interest in the dialectic lesson on the part of the Arabs stands the auditor’s position at the beginning of the study of modern dialects that appeared at the hands of the Orientalists who came to the Arab world to research its conditions and culture, and most of these studies were modest based on collecting the material and studying it in a traditional way.







Jul 3, 2022
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