The rhythm of language in the Quranic story The story of Moses model

  • Yousef Suleiman Al -Tahan University of Mosul / college of Basic Education


The Glorious Quran is Distinguished by its rhythms with are in harmony with the situation, events and the actions through the pauses, repetition and phonetic grouping with is evident in its distinguished language known by the artistic harmony and meaning depiction. The Quranic story carries these features together with the aesthetic of narration and its artistic elements. The study o language rhythm in Moses story has been chosen due to Moses's various situations with sons o Israel in his call to Allah with makes it necessary to use different rhythms and a language suitable with the sinful positions of Sons of Israel. The paper focuses on the analysis of the rhythm of the language narrative elements to find out the artistic and aesthetic implication. The paper is divided into an introduction and three sections. The introduction specifies the concepts of research terms: language rhythm and Quranic story to clarify the view on which the paper relied in its analysis. The first section analysizes the rhythm of language narration as far as its levels and patterns (Subjective and objective) are concerned. Section two is devoted to analysize the rhythm of description language as far as the simple description, the compound description, description narration and extensive description  are concerned. Finally, section three includes the analysis of dialogue rhythm as far as the external shambolic dialogue on the utterance and structure and the situation event level and the internal dialogue as far as monologue is concerned.

Mar 22, 2019
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