reverse morphological measurement in the Koran

  • Walid Adel Ali University of Mosul / college of Education for Human Sciences


This research deals with the phenomenon of linguistic prominent a (reverse morphological measurement in the Koran) semantic study, and follow this approach in order to reach to shed light on the implications of Quranic text, and is known that all reverse from one building to another building inevitably leads to reverse meaning to another meaning, nor especially if the buildings agreed in linguistic root derivative those buildings, and on this basis identifies joke reverse, and his secret semantic in the Quranic .

The search came on the seven issues, and pave and a conclusion stating the search results.

It turns out that in reverse morphological language was a departure from one format to another on a regular basis and disciplined, and on this basis to achieve reverse measurement, has been made clear private connotations for each type of reverse this in the Qur'an.                                   

Mar 22, 2019
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