The approach of the Qur'an in the statement of unity of religions

  • Mohammed Hikmat al-Obeidi University of Tikrit / College of Islamic Sciences
  • Farhan Mahmoud Al-Tamimi University of Tikrit / College of Islamic Sciences


If the religion is an innate instinct, and disobedience is a deviation from it, the approach of the Qur'an sets out the clear path of faith and the right advocacy of the true religion ... If the nations and the nations have condemned many religions and different laws, the Qur'anic method has revealed the falsity of these religions and their shortcomings and the confusion of their laws. Reach the human to happiness in the two homes .. Proceeding from the above and to show the unity of the right religion and its origins and assets, as demonstrated by the Holy Quran proper curriculum. The research included the following issues:

First: Religion and its definitions.

Second: the religion of human instinct sound.

Thirdly: Calling the prophets and messengers as stated in the Qur'anic approach.

Fourth: the unit of heavenly messages.

Fifth: Agreement on religions in assets and differences in branches.

Sixth: The position of the Quran on the books of heaven and its methodology in dealing with them.

And other related issues that have clarified the accuracy of the Quranic approach and its comprehensiveness in dealing with the most precise issues of the nodal, and we do not claim that we have presented a distinguished research, but an effort behind him and his face, and much mercy and reward ..          And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Mar 22, 2019
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