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After the realization of manuscripts of important topics in the field of Islamic history and the purpose of it is to flick the old texts and redraft them in an attempt to retrieve Islamic history which submitted for types of increase and deletion, distortion and desertification in different time. It was honored to take out this manuscript history of the maded of the prophets sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Hassan bin Abdul Karim AL Khalidi AL Shafei the famous (Ibn AL Jawhary).

The time of author , may  God have mercy on him some of the biography of the prophets on the whole, and dealt with the difference in their prophecy. As well as in the statement of their origin and who entered Egypt and who was born a circumcision and I have stood for a unique copy of this letter so I copied it and commented on it and  present introduction and head lights as shown in the letter.

And I make several recommendation, including interest in the achievement of heritage books .

Jan 30, 2020
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