THE PROPHET (Peace be Upon him) in T HOLY QURAN

  • Yasir Jader Mohammed Ministry of education\ Directorate General of education salah al-din.


The title of the research: (The Prophet peace be upon him in the holy Quran)

In recent years, some Muslims have taken a look at their Prophet's right, so they have abandoned or abandoned the status of the Prophet, so they denied of the Prophet's appreciation and reverence for him. They described them as exaggerators in respect of the Messenger of Allah and not only in denial and objection.

     It is incumbent on all of us, and we will explain it through my talk about the status of the Prophet in the Holy Quran, the Holy Quran is full of what shows the status of the Prophet and great, so either Explicit signs in this or gestures and signals do not look only to the owners of insights and look, and this is what we find in many people of interpretation or people of rhetoric.

     The subject required division on three topics:

In the first section on Prophet Muhammad's prophecy from the numerical point of view, I recorded what was mentioned in the Qur'aan from a male and a sign.

In the second part I spoke about his character in the Qur'an and how he described the truth (Glory and Glory) from its multiple aspects.

The third section mentioned verses that dealt with the aspect of greatness in the character of the Prophet through the Koranic verses and the views of the interpreters.

Then the conclusion has shown the most important results of my research.

Jan 30, 2020
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