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Praise be to Allah  is the one who inherited it from the one who was lined up by our master Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).


The delving into the meanings of the Holy Qur'an reveals the secret of the Quranic style in choosing the Quranic words and their precise and nice meanings in the statement of the meanings of the Holy Quran, as it was brought down by the methods followed by the Arabs, which was the cause of their miracles. (The style of the Holy Quran in the choice of words (Surat Al-Tarik model / explanatory study stylistic), and divided into two requirements and explained in the first demand the meanings of the method in language and terminology The second requirement divided it This method came from the tongue of the Arabs themselves because they had a sense of taste and taste on the gloss of Arabic words and the sweetness and originality of the Arabic word as well. The research concluded with the most important results that I have reached. The Qur'anic language has aesthetic values ​​within the Qur'anic texts. It is on two levels, a material level and a technical level connected to the behavior of the word-word. The Qur'anic style is a template in which the linguistic structures are embedded. The style is a mental picture of the structures. Arabs and the statement as expressing the Versa Access.

The qualities of the letters in most of the letters of this surah are qualities of strength and influence which have a secret in the composition of the linguistic unit, leaving in the same listener the excitement and surprise of the wonderful use of the Koranic words, as these letters are directed by the magnificence and magnificence such as: The words that we mentioned, and the use of the Koran in the words of the mention and detail came to delete here Fazil in phrases and composition.

In summary, the most important thing in this sura in terms of the Koranic discourse, although with the adversaries was used to soften the words of the Koran compared to the words of the Arabs, because of the Koranic word fluency.

Jan 31, 2020
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