• IBRAHIM AHMED SALEH Dept. of Arabic Hawija Education College University of Kirkuk


One of the most important subjects which are concerned the society is how to coexist, to treat and how to reintegrate the interests among people. Thes  subjects need to those who have ability to reconciles between interests and intersects of these interests. Therefore, because of the importance of this subject, I  have chosen "Social Corruption" as a title to my  research to treat these Problems.

After sloshing in particulates of these problems which have been appeared, I  found that they deserve to study in detail as possible as we can.

This research has been  arranged on three chapters The first one is what is the Social Corruption.

The second one is the images of Social Corruption and its legitimate adjudging.

The third one is legitimate  adjudging of Social Corruption and the ways of its  processing.  

Jan 31, 2020
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