• FIRAS FYADH YOUSIF Department of Quranic Sciences, College of Education for Humanities, University of Mosul .


After the conspiracy and the end of the Ottoman Caliphate and the fragmentation of Muslims and dispersal, especially Arabs who became confronted with Western thought alone after their separation from the Turks, the trend of modernity, which had matured and paid off in the West after the devastating wars, then wanted some forces and organizations of Orientalists and others to transfer the idea of modernity to the world Islamic and Arab, and are but a few years and the failure of this trend and thought to penetrate these societies, although it has an impact, but ended and shrunk The emergence of Islamists and the rise of their current strongly, especially after the catastrophe of 1967, but did not end the resistance of the owners of modern thought to spread their thought and its foundations, has emerged after a stream looking for fertile soil for planting modernity, through a method adopts heritage, by interpreting modern interpretation; because they failed to separate the individual Arab and Muslim heritage, so they wanted to return to the call of Arab and Islamic societies to modernity again, and indeed we find today their thought echo and effects can not be underestimated, and through a system published and prepared through the huge amount of printed books, blogs, videos, and platforms spread throughout the office V, cultural, cafes, theaters, and the Web, and social networking sites in every detail, and the viewer to find this thought does not detract in All of which is directly from the Islamic religion, and does not call for abandonment and fight, but calls for a new understanding during the revision of many of its assets, and here we find them do not call for leaving the greatest corner of Islamic law, namely (the Prophet's Sunnah), but start with a mental subtraction , Which is to question the principles upon which the Sunnah was built, where they respond mostly to several pretexts, including adhering to the Koran as a revelation from God Almighty has been quoted frequency, as well as come from the examples of the Sunnah interpreted as a suit not to adhere to it; A reality different from our renewed reality, as well as expressed their support Mind, where he responded to the year because of the conflict with the fundamentals of mind as they claim, and other cornerstones Soordaa in research with scientific criticism within the controls of Sharia and sound mind

Jan 31, 2020
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