• AHMAD MAHMOOD HASAN Department of Fundamentals of Religion Imam Azam College / Nineveh


The impact of fundamentalist linguistic rules on the interpretation of legitimate texts

Text Requirement Rule

It is known that the Arabic language abounds with various words and words meanings and semantics born proved to scientists

The practice of languages ​​The Arabic language Bmhaha, grammar and rhetoric is one of the most significant languages. And that mission

Hardworking: is the confusion of the provisions of its origins.

Hardworking and hardworking

1 - his mouth text.

2 - and understand, as it is not possible to derive the text of the sentence only if: -

A - realize the meaning. B - knew the word goal and meaning. (C) Show how it is indicative of governance and quality

This significance and degree.

Understanding of the text depends on:

1- Knowledge of the methods of statement in the Arabic language.

2 - and ways to indicate the meaning.

3 - What is indicated by the words singular and complex.

For this reason, scientists have established rules and regulations that are in fact derived from:

The nature of the Arabic language

2- Their use in the meanings as decided by the imams of the language according to the tracing and extrapolation of the Arabic methods,

They are not special legal or religious bases, but are Arab in form and subject matter of spirit and text.

One of these rules is the rule of significance when the tap: is the significance of the silent speech stops.

The truth of the speech or the validity of the legitimacy of Tdrh: The wording of the text does not indicate the silence

But rather twofold the validity of speech in accordance with the act, or legitimately appreciated, and called this significance, as appropriate, because it means calling and demand.

The meaning of the speech is demanded and called by the sincerity of speech, or his health When the research needed to determine the nature of the relationship between fundamentalist and linguistic

The words and their meaning to work by the text to develop an understanding of the text.

The fundamentalist Hanafi and Shafi'i fundamentalists make the omitted out of the door

The late fundamentalists are not separated from them and they are not separated.

Required and deleted

This necessitated a difference in the general estimated or not if we return to the sources of fundamentalism

Some of them said Pan and the appropriate and denied.

In fact, the rule of necessity is based upon the tap on what indicates the word

The appropriate language they are to demand.

Hence the (text) of the fundamentalists may need to complement the meanings and words

It was to be named as needed or required text.

This is what I have tried so hard to show his parents and decipher and solve his dilemmas in this humble research

Aug 20, 2020
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