The Dominance in the Holy Quran (Objective semantic study)

  • Taj Al-Din Amjad Abdel Moneim Department of Sharia , College of Islamic sciences, Samarra University.


Praise be to God, and may blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of God, his family, and his companions:

Dominance and its derivatives are the words that were used in the Holy Qur’an in abundance, which is approximately thirty times in twenty-seven surahs, They have several meanings, the most important of which are (appearing and seizing, defeat, oppression, and killing). It is worth noting that dominance was used for two classes in the Holy Qur’an, predominance with the aid and the support of God to the people of the truth who are Hezbollah, and the second category of those who are not right by their attempt to prevail over the people of truth and they are the party of Satan, Attempts were made by the people of falsehood to defeat the people of the truth .e. the prophets, peace be upon them and their followers  by invalid means: such as magic, and the symptoms of hearing the Qur’an, and tempting the devil and adorning it and others.

The researcher concluded at the end of his tour that there are three main joints for the dominance of the people of truth, the first: before defeating them, relying on God and the vicarious and asking for help, The second: while working with victory over the people of falsehood, which is patience and mujahideen, and realizing the lack of jurisprudence of the opponents, and the third: after the victory, which is that God He is the winner and the realization of the action, but it is the implementation of the will of God Almighty. As for the attempt of the people of falsehood, it does not come out of an attempt to weaken the opponents, and it is based on the weak pride and the use of means that do not last for the truth and its people. Lastly, let us praise God, Lord of the Worlds, and may God’s prayers be upon our Master Muhammad and upon his God and all his companions.

Dec 31, 2020
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