Alqias Waatharah Fi Alsiyasat Alshareia

  • Omar Nayef Kurdi Department of Private Law - College of Law and Political Science – University Iraqi- Iraq.


It is known that The Analogy and its Effect of the most accurate and difficwt  investigations of the science of origins. It was adopted by the masters of scholars, Some people proved it and others denied it, as the ambiguity that came into their minds from the near effect. If the researcher looked at it before waiting and verifying he may like what others deny. This indicates the measurement of those whose likeness goes behind it without narration, Some who do not know the sources of the legislation may consider their ignorance of this source asit was not known in the era of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, or in the era after him from the Companions and the followers (may God be pleased with them), so it is ruled that the analogy is a part of futility and an innovation is an innovation, and every innovation is misleading, as it is far from religion, and truth and follow other than the straight path, There for people repel to the evidence of the clear book, and the Sunnah of the Master of the Messengers. From the fixed transferd evidence, and reasoning it the book was left among these and those,people so they tried what they could do diligence, seeking issues and facts that were not provided for in the provisions of its rulings, in theory and analogy to what the texts contained in the ruling, which was initiated by the ruling based on a clear description, or a guaranteed cause. So they combined the symmetries and give a For the analogues of the rule of its counterparts, enlightened by what the Qur’anic verses instructed and approved by the Prophet, peace be upon him, and by which the Companions, may God be pleased with them, worked in different areas of measurement.

Jan 1, 2021
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