Peaceful Coexistence in Farewell Speech: A Study in Contents and Rhetoric

  • Asmaa Saud Adham Department of Arabic language/ College of Arts University of Mosul- Iraq.


This study aims at tackling points of this prophetic text (i.e. the farewell speech), meditating its contents and rhetorical semantic aspects, in order to uncover the esthetic of utilizing the rhetorical art stated in his speech(peace be upon him). The study also reveals the contents of peaceful coexistence, and away from the profession’s suffering, inclusion, or seeking the indispensable verbal ornamentation as well as its precise balance with the intentions by which the Prophet (peace be upon him) intends to achieve via coining the artistic expressions meeting all the rhetoric requirements

The speech includes aspects of rhetorical and legislative miracle; since it is a  rhetorical speech carrying within itself basics and principles, achieving the social codes of justice, and fixing the human rights. It also contains the remedy for the whole life dilemmas and crises in facilitative techniques, simple expressions, and brief words. The speech neither comprises any complexities and philosophical issues, nor fancy ideas. Finally, we can not but praise the Prophet (peace be upon him)  to whom the Almighty Allah granted the concise sayings

Jan 1, 2021
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