Sawalat Alsilmii Lidarqtny ean 'abna' hwshb jame wadirasa

  • Thurgham Adnan Muhsen Department of Hadith and Sciences College of Islamic Sciences University Tikrit- Iraq.


          It is the grace of God Almighty to make human being different peoples and tribes. God has demonstrated the wisdom of differentiating between people by acquaintance, so God Almighty has made it necessary to preserve lineage among the most important purposes of the law, it is considered by Islamic scholars among the five necessities, and it was The product of acquaintance makes people know whether any saying is true or not depending on their knowledge of the person, and perhaps this wisdom did not come to mind when we search for God’s wisdom from the prohibition of incest and mixing genealogy, This is from God’s hidden rule that is included in the Law of the Wise, so he is blessed with a law that is inexhaustible and does not end its good.

For this reason, the nation’s scholars have done a lot of task in order to know the origin of men and to trace back what it is written about them  , may God Almighty have mercy on them. I found among some authors and researchers who fancied the names and the number of the sons of Hoshob, and some of them reported news about the Prophet, so we had to study them independently, and this was what we did, where most scholars unanimously agreed on four of them, and they differed on seven others, In some of these seven there is a difference in determining the name accurately or suspicion that the narrator of them is more than one person and he is originally one person, and this may be due to forgetting or delusion or correction of the copyists and God knows best.

Jan 1, 2021
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