(Ma) Dirasat Tahliliat Fi Juz' Aldhdhariat

  • Faris Kadhim Muhammad Qasam Alqara'at Alquraniat , Kuliyat Al'imam Al'aezam (rhamuh allh) aljamet, al'anbar- Iraq .


The letter in Arabic is divided into two parts: worker and non-worker. The worker is defined that it influenced what it entered on it by raising, a monument, a jar, or a part, The non-worker other than the first type, that is, the letters that have no analysis effect an the word that  enters it other than the working letters that leave an analysis impact on what they enter, and this effect must be influenced, This effect created by the influencer is called the factor.

 The weighting of the work or negligence is due to the difference in grammarians, whether this is between the grammarians of the two visual schools AL-Basriya or the kufiyya, or between the employees of one of the same schools, or who have adopted a moderate approach between them.

 This study dealts with one of the non-working letters in the sentence which is (what) and this study has applied the Quranic text because of its sanctity in our lives and importance in the Arabic language.

Jan 2, 2021
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