Qarun is A Story of Vanity and Tyranny - an Analytical Study -

  • Mahmoud Oreibi Salman Department of the Holy Qur’an and its Sciences, College of Islamic Sciences, University of Fallujah - Iraq .


             It is not surprising that Qarun, is from the people of Moses, “That Qaron was one of Moses' people, and he backfired them to them” (chapter 20, Ayah no. 76)  turned on them, as devil Satan turned against the Order of Allah almighty by prostrate to Adam. The motive is one: arrogance and ego, because Qaron was the most knowledgeable of Israelis after the Prophet Moses and Haroon (peace be upon them) and he was called (al-Manwar) for his good voice when he is reading the Torah, and envy and vanity led him to the coup and disbelief of what was inflicted on Moses( peace be upon him). He supported the tyrant of that time (Pharaoh) who said: If the prophecy of Moses, the altar and the Eucharist is for Aaron, what things are for me. He was overwhelmed and forced his followers, and was a tool in the hands of the oppressor... his end was painful and shocking, as Allah burial him under ground. In addition, I explained the reasons for which he deserved the wrath of Allah and the humiliation of him and his badness and his money. Imam Bukhari narrated about Salem about his father about the Prophet of Allah, (peace be upon him), saying in the case of Qarun and what it is after the curse, he said: a man who is dragged by his clothes, because he is deceived himself, he is all over the earth until the Day of Resurrection. That story that came down in Mecca was about that vulnerable believer in it, the circumstances that surrounded the Prophet Moses and his people and how they were weak, lacking money and power, except the power of faith in their faith and how God supported them and proved to them that power does not lie with money, although it is one of the reasons for victory, but it lies in faith and faith in Allah alone, a good advocate and a certain one. Indeed, the result was the same for Qaron, Pharaoh, Haman and the unbelievables of Mecca, who badly treated the Holy Prophet and his followers the with the worst-treatment... A story with a lesson, and a sermon.

Feb 27, 2021
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