The Role of Islamic Secondary schools in Preparing Preachers

  • Adel Omar Ahmed Department of Religious Education and Islamic Studies - Nineveh, Sunni Endowment Office – Iraq.


        The aim of the research: is to identify the role of Islamic secondary schools in preparing preachers, through preparing them scientifically and in vocation, and the method of raising a conscious generation capable of bearing the duties and burdens of calling to God to face the challenges that plague the Islamic nation. This research identifies the importance of Islamic colleges in preparing preachers ,reviews the linguistic and idiomatic meaning of the call, speaking about the role of the teacher in preparing the preachers, the role of the curricula in preparing the preachers, and the role of the student in preparing him for the call. One of the most important results of the search, is the issue of preparing the preacher the contemporary ummah, because the preacher to God Almighty, if he is properly prepared, he will be able, after the grace of God Almighty, to enlighten the ummah about its religion and alert it to the importance of its role in the life of humanity, which is the role of leadership, guidance and education. The school curriculum and the teacher have a great role and impact on the numbers of preachers. One of the most important benefits that the student and preacher reap from Islamic high schools, is the understanding of Islam, a moderate, understanding which is away from exaggeration and extremism.

Feb 27, 2021
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