The Relationship between ATheism and Extremism

  • Rashid M. Rashid Department of Sharia, College of Islamic Sciences, University of Mosul, Iraq .


The research entitled "The Relationship between Extremism and Atheism" aims to show that extremism and atheism represent human choice and reflect the freedom of man to choose, in response to those who claim that man is forced, and also confirms that man is governed by reason in the material axis. Whereas, the unseen is no way to delve into it except with the light of revelation and Allah has provided guidance for humanity whenever it strayed and distracted with its ideas.The sequence of human deviation begins with exaggeration, passes through extremism and ends with atheism, Contemporary atheism is associated with material civilization and its main origin is the western thought. Extremism and atheism have destructive consequences for the individual and society, and European societies are the best witness in this field.

May 13, 2021
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