Rulings Regarding a Woman’s Opinion of her Marriage in Terms of Silence or Speech

  • Ahmed Abdul Jassim Department of Qur’an Sciences, College of Education for Human Sciences, Tikrit University, Salah Al-Din, Iraq.


Through this research, I have clarified the sayings of scholars on several issues related to the opinion of the girl whom is intended to marry, and due to the importance of  her opinion in the continuance of life and the stability of her livelihood, and what the honorable Sharia says regarding the father’s right to choose an efficient husband for his daughter. It showed that our Sharia gave everyone his right, so it gave the father the right of choosing a righteous husband for his daughter, since no one imagine that the father wants to harm his daughter, because of the abundance of compassion and love that he carries, and at the same time it did not neglect the opinion of the girl who is the cornerstone of this marriage. Evidences have shown this great structure, whether it was from the Holy Qur’an, the purified Sunnah, or from the traces of the noble Companions - may Allah be pleased with them all . I touched upon the conditions of the girl, whether she was of old age or young, or whether she was virgin or previously married, because each of these situations has its own rules.

At the end of each issue, I chose the opinion that I believe appropriate in terms of the strength of the evidence, and in terms of my vision of the case in which we live, what is suitable in our present time, as there are many variables in it.

Praise be to Allah Almighty who helped me carry out this research. I ask Allah to accept this modest effort seeking His Honorable Face

May 13, 2021
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