Imported Foods, Meat and other Animal Products

  • Zilal M. Salih Media Department, College of Arts, University of Kirkuk – Iraq.


                  Food that includes nutrition and drinks is one of the basic and indispensable requirements of the body, and it represents the first aspect of the necessity of preserving the soul in terms of the side of existence, because it is the main source of energy, vitality and growth, Abstaining from eating is the act of annihilating the body in an indirect way because it the body can not continue without as it becomes weak and exhausted. As a person must take care of nourishing his body, he must also avoid every food or drink that leads to harm him.  In food and drink. The Islamic Sharia has taken care of its statement, and it has established from the foundations what is known through which the ruling of what is emerging from it so that the person will be aware of his matter in his food and drink.

Jul 5, 2021
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