The Jurisprudence of the Security man in the Mission of Hajj - the Jurisprudence of Purity, Prayer, Hajj and Umrah -

  • Abdul Majeed bin Saleh Al-Mansour Department of Sharia Sciences at King Fahd Security College, Saudi Arabia.



   1- In order for it to be permissible to wipe over the shoes, five conditions are stipulated in general: that the eye is clean and not impure, that he wears it in a state of purity, and that he wipes them on minor impurity only, and that it be on the prescribed time according to Sharia, which is a day and a night for the resident, and three days and nights for the traveler, The jacket should cover the heels if he wears it without socks.

2- It is prescribed for security men on the fronts and on the battlefield to pray the prayer of fear if the prayer is something that is not combined to the other, such as dinner until dawn, dawn to noon, afternoon until sunset.The prayer of fear is of many types, which differ according to the situation of the fighters and their position as far as their enemy is concerned.

3-It is permissible for the guard and the policeman to pray in his place every prayer on time, and the group prayer is forfeited if the group prayer misses him, or if they all go to the mosque in danger or danger to the gap that they guard, which is the saying of the majority of jurists.

4- It is permissible for a security man who is busy guarding or controlling security at the time of the Friday prayer to pray Friday at noon, and likewise if he finds a legitimate excuse for those who are obligated to Friday prayers, such as being directly responsible for a work related to the security of the ummah and preserving its interests, similar to the men of security and traffic.

5- If the security man is called to a serious security mission related to saving lives, symptoms, or money for people, and during prayer, they may stop off to answer the call if they cannot continue the prayer, and the delay would result in doubling the damage to society, such as what firefighters do and security men upon an urgent call.

Aug 1, 2021
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