Material Pampering in the Islamic Faith

  • Omar I. Omran College of Islamic Sciences, Iraqi University, Baghdad, Iraq .
  • Hamid Yunus Hamid Department of Religious and Charitable Institutions.


The issue of material indulgence in the Islamic faith is one of the important issues mentioned in many places of the Holy Qur’an and the purified Sunnah of the Prophet, and according to its  a precise and clear scientific approach, it leads the reader directly to the realization of all the pillars of faith. Which highlighted the easy and far from complex employment that characterized theological research and philosophical studies in their use of the specific issue. Which, by observing it, tries to reach a denial of Allah as in his views of earthquakes, volcanoes, and evils, in general, which he sees as evidence of randomness in the universe, and this is what the Islamic faith rejects in its view of these features.

Sep 4, 2021
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