The Distinguished and Confused Ruling - A Comparative Jurisprudence Study -

  • Firas M. Abd College of the Great Imam, University of Jalawla - Diyala, Diwan of the Sunni Endowment, Iraq .


It is known that jurisprudence is one of the most important and noble sciences, and the people’s need for it is renewed and repeated, especially in this era in which the alienation of religion has appeared, and the counselors are few, and the determination of those who follow it has weakened. Seeking the pleasure of Allah Almighty, and following the guidance of the best of creation, and the savior of mankind, Muhammad bin Abdullah r. and whoever attained that, Allah wanted good for him, and made it easy for him to go to Heaven with him, As a matter of probing the depths of the principles of jurisprudence, I saw it is necessary to choose a topic (the rule of the distinguished and confused - comparative jurisprudence study) , because the knowledge of menstruation and purification is based on a lot of rulings, and a woman who comes to this role cannot differentiate between her purification and her menstruation, so things get mixed up on her, and knowing the controls and limits of that is important for every Muslim, especially in this time.

Sep 4, 2021
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