From the Views of the Grammatical Correction in the Famous Explanations of Sahih Al-Bukhari

  • Ezzat Ibrahim. Hamash Department of Arabic Language, College of Art, Tikrit University, Salah Al-Din – Iraq


This research is an attempt to explain the efforts of hadith commentators in revealing the meaning, especially the functional meaning of prepositions, as well as showing the semantic benefit of the phenomenon of justice in letters. The preposition which is expressing a connotation other than its original, well-known connotation in response to the purposes of the noble hadith, following the approach of grammarians and commentators in directing the connotation of prepositions, The choice is made on the famous explanations because of the linguistic and semantic significance of these explanations, which embodied the depth of knowledge of their owners in the structure of the internal (linguistic) and external (maqami) context, as well as the semantic purpose derived from the context signification, and what contributed to the meaning of the hadith context in directing its meaning according to The intended objective is the denotation of prepositions, which the research proved that the explanations of the commentators which revealed that they have a clear effect on the performance of the meaning, whether they express their original connotations or the meanings of justice as a result of expanding their connotations.

Jul 3, 2022
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