Islamic Sciences Journal (ISJ) was founded in 2009 after the establishment of the College in three years. It is a quarterly journal published four times a yearThe journal is considered one of the most important people of the college where it publishes Islamic research for professors and teachers who wish to discuss their messages or their textsThe journal publishes original scientific researches and manuscripts in the field of Islamic law and Islamic sciences. All papers, submitted for possible publication at TJES, are subject to a double-blind check, peer review process, plagiarism and similarity tests. Submissions are accepted only in Arabic. Arabic papers should contain title, summary, keywords and key information in English. The journal publishes reports of conferences, scientific symposiums and local, Arab and international seminars, which have recently been held in the field of Islamic law and science. The report should not exceed five pages. The report includes the topics presented at the conference or seminar, Issued.

Published: 2021-01-15