Ethical Evidence in the Heavenly Books

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Jinan Nouri



Monotheistic religions prioritize ethical conduct and virtuous morals as the foundation for constructing powerful human societies that foster justice, tolerance, love, and cooperation. The Torah, Bible, and Holy Qur'an contain numerous legal texts, verses, and rulings that emphasize virtuous morals. It is imperative to take action and prohibit indecent conduct and immoral values that can lead to the breakdown of societies, the spread of corruption and crime, and the infringement of human rights and freedoms. The concept involves adhering to virtuous morals while avoiding negative ones to promote societal development, disseminating principles of truth, justice, and equality, and upholding people's rights and needs.

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Nouri , J. (2024). Ethical Evidence in the Heavenly Books. Islamic Sciences Journal, 14(4), 209–228.