Islamic Sciences Journal (ISJ) (ISSN 2073-1159 (Print) 2663-8800 (Online)) A scientific journal with a double-blind peer-reviewing system. It was established in 2009. It specializes in publishing research, verified manuscripts, extracts from theses and dissertations, as well as reports of scientific seminars and conferences presented in Arabic by Iraqi and foreign researchers in The field of Sharia and Islamic sciences from religions, belief, Islamic thought and Islamic jurisprudence, which makes it a beacon for all seekers of knowledge and facts embodied in Islamic sciences. The journal is published by Tikrit University, College of Islamic Sciences for the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Scientific. Islamic Sciences Journal (ISJ) is published four issues during the year, with seventeen research papers in each issue.

Focus, Scope, and Specialization

The journal provides an information matrix and a database that includes under its umbrella various theoretical and intellectual trends that are directly related to the Arabic language and related to the field of Sharia and Islamic sciences, such as divine religions, Islamic jurisprudence, belief, Islamic thought, and everything related to the sciences of the Holy Qur’an. The straight character in Islamic law and prominently at the theoretical, conceptual and methodological level, so the studies submitted for publication and actually published provide positive results for the delivery of information to everyone correctly and soundly.