Researchers must submit research for publication according to the organizational template design and abstract format specified by the journal's editorial board and as reviewed below:1-Research should be submitted in the form of a Microsoft Word Document.
2-Research should be written with double line spacing, 14-point font, and a margin of 0.1 cm.
3-Follow the simplified Arabic line of research.
4-Numbering the pages.
5-Follow the APA style of documentation and indexing.
6-Writing two abstracts in Arabic and English for the research submitted in one of the two languages, with the inclusion of five keywords arranged alphabetically that lead to the search when searching for it electronically.

The research follows the following division and sequence:
-The introduction, which must contain both the theoretical framework and previous studies.
-The hypothesis of the study and its questions.
-The importance of studying.
-Study determinants.
-Defining the terms used in the study.
-The approach used in the study.
-Discussion and analysis.
-Conclusion and suggestions.
-Sources and references.