Provisions of Raising Hands During Kneeling

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Husayn Zaeil



           It is well known that prayer is the primary form of worship for Muslims.  Sunnah contains numerous texts about raising hands in prayer, some of which are agreed upon and some of which are not. Prayer has been developed in the most ideal way, and some of its practices are required, while others are desirable. There are conflicting views on it, and raising hands in kneeling is one among them. Based on the cited evidence, the majority of scholars conclude that it is not recommended to do so, while Al-Zahiriyyah and some hadith scholars claimed that doing so is permissible. This research tackles the thesis and antithesis of the two arguments and agrees with the one that recommends raising hands during provisions.

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Zaeil , H. (2023). Provisions of Raising Hands During Kneeling. Islamic Sciences Journal, 14(4), 1–22.