The Development Of Jurisprudential Consideration In Contemporary Financial Transactions

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Ismail Lawas
Ayman Mari



Banking transactions in Islamic banks are in continuous development and renewal. The issue of organized banking tawarruq is old in terms of its origin, and new in view of its entry into Islamic banks. Dealing with it may result in a number of risks, as it may have benefits. Accordingly, this research addresses this issue, which is recognized in many Islamic banks. There are many personal Jurisprudential perspectives that vary between permitting, prohibiting, discontinuing, and setting conditions. The Researchers set some controlling procedures to handle this catastrophe. The research follows certain methods such as the inductive approach based on extrapolating what was written on the subject of Tawarruq in previous researches and articles. In addition, the research follows the descriptive approach based on describing the data of the subject under study in an accurate way, and the analytical approach based on interpretation, comparison, deduction, and criticism.

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Lawas , I., & Mari , A. (2023). The Development Of Jurisprudential Consideration In Contemporary Financial Transactions. Islamic Sciences Journal, 14(4), 430–449.