Presumption of Proportion in Sura Altawasini : A Semantic Study

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Hiwa Karim
Aso Hama



The ancient grammarians and linguists dealt with the context by insinuation and reference at times, and by explicit pronunciation at other times.  As such, they used terms close to their linguistic or lexical meanings and synonymous with them, such as the terms (link, verse, evidence, indication, sign). These references and allusions to the term context came during their discussion about attribution, conjunction, or transitivity, or when they mention grammatical chapters, such as the subject, the predicate, the object, the adjective, addition, dependencies, deletion, and appreciation. The researchers hardly find a chapter except for the context mentioned in it, whether it is explicitly pronounced or what is on its behalf and indicates it. From those chapters the researchers chose the accusative and the genitive as two chapters that fall within the context of the attribution in order to show the semantic effect that the context indicates.

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Karim, H., & Hama , A. (2023). Presumption of Proportion in Sura Altawasini : A Semantic Study. Islamic Sciences Journal, 14(4), 505–526.